Wooden Floors

For many of our customers, nothing beats the look and feel of real wood. That warm, natural finish can transform even the simplest of rooms into showstopping spaces. 

Of course, over the years wood has come in and out of fashion.  It can score easily, it scuffs and dents; but we're here to tell you that modern day wooden floors have been through a technology revolution!

We stock and recommend both Woodpecker Flooring and Ted Todd Flooring; both brands are leading the way in eco-friendly wood floors and have spent years innovating and developing ways for us to deliver the timeless look of wood, with the duraibility our modern lives demand.

What Are The Modern TYpes of Wooden Floor?

Engineered Wood Floors: With a substantial real wood top layer, engineered wood flooring combines the beautiful character and style of a solid timber floor with the exceptional performance of engineered board construction.

Solid Wood Floors: For a robust and natural structure, each board is precision milled from a single piece of timber that has been carefully chosen and machined with edges to ensure a perfect fit when installed.

Bamboo Wood Floors:  Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials on earth and with its own unique grain, it can be formed into extremely hardwearing boards with the natural look and qualities of hardwood.

Sustainable Wooden Flooring

Woodpecker selects the trees they use before they are felled, paying close attention to how they’re sawn, stacked and dried. Looking after nature is as important to them and as a result, they only offer sustainably harvested wood with full FSC® and PEFC certifications.

Multiple Great Looks

Wooden floors come in so many great finishes now and our brand partners are known for their close attention to detail when inspecting the grain patterns, colour variations and knots as they choose which wood will best suit the different finishes of our wood flooring types.

They continue to use a range of traditional hand-finishing techniques that have been perfected over several centuries. Lacquering, oiling and antiquing the wood for a timeless finish.  

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