The Beauty of Wood at Perthshire Flooring

The Beauty of Wood at Perthshire Flooring

Wooden flooring has become one of the most popular choices amongst our Perthshire Flooring customers and its easy to see why. A clean, polished finish and stylish, warm look is a great fit for both new build homes and period buildings making it ideal for Perthshire’s diverse mix of properties.

Here at Perthshire Flooring, we know that when it comes to an important purchase such as flooring, brochures just won’t do. That’s why we’ve extended our stunning wood showroom to include more designs, more colours and three of the best wood flooring brands in the UK today.  In fact, we now boast the largest choice of wooden floors in Tayside!

From modern colourways such as pale grey and whitewash oak, to classic mahogany and cedar we have the perfect look for your home.  Add to this a fantastic choice of board widths and lengths, straight, diagonal and herringbone layouts and plenty of expert advice from the team and you’ll find everything your inner interior designer desires!

Stocking reputable brand names you can trust - Ted Todd, Panaget and Woodpecker– all of our flooring comes from sustainable wood sources and offers a no-quibble 25 year guarantee.  

As well as colour, board width and laying option, we always recommend you consider whether you’ll choose solid or engineered wood.  Typically, hardwood flooring comes in thick planks of solid timber but as lifestyles and homes have changed so too has the offer.

We now offer engineered flooring—planks made with a thinner top layer of hardwood, bonded to other layers designed to prevent the floor from shifting during expansion and contraction – as standard and will be happy to advise when this is the best choice.

Here’s our top tips for choosing the perfect wooden floor:

1. Consider the style of the house.  Do you have a traditional look with large rooms and period features? Or are you more contemporary with a light, airy vibe? We can offer stunning choices to suit all looks.

2.  Is your colour scheme warm, neutral or bold? Bring along a paint chart or perhaps a cushion or fabric swatch to match up to our display boards.  We’ll also be happy to provide samples and boards for you try out at home.

3.  What is your floor underneath made of? This will determine whether you go with solid wood or engineered.  Check this out of you’re unsure so you can receive best advice on your visit.

4.  Do you want a pattern or traditional straight planks? While some rooms look best in a traditional style, you can mix things up by laying on the diagonal or looking at making a statement with parquet flooring in patterns such as herringbone.

5.  What are your living habits? Think about how much traffic goes through a room and how you live day to day - do you have kids and pets? Have large parties often? Or are you a single person who travels a lot? Different wood species offer variances in durability - and budget – that will make a difference to the wear and tear.