What's Testing Your Floors?

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What's Testing Your Floors?

21st September 2020

We all have them. From uneven floors to kids who run wild, humid bathrooms to pets who scratch - finding a floor that can withstand life's challenges is no mean feat. 

Enter Moduleo LayRed.  Exclusive to Perthshire Flooring  in Perth, this new age in LVT is strong, stylish and designed to last - even in the most hectic of homes.


Moduleo's first engineered floor that takes innovation in vinyl to a whole new level. LayRed is the engineered vinyl flooring collection from Moduleo. It’s stronger than ever with a soft feel and silent acoustics, designed to stand its ground in the most extreme circumstances.

A premium floor with an integrated underlay is perfect for renovations self-build projects and all of the challenges in the home.


Each LayRed plank is made up of 12 layers, which when combined create a strong and exceptionally durable product providing four core benefits – design, performance, strength and comfort.

LayRed is also extremely durable especially when its properly cared for, and each LayRed floor comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Perthshire Flooring is an approved Moduleo showroom. Call in to speak to one of our experts.


The LayRed collection consists of 31 in-house developed designs, all inspired by natural wood and stone. Every design has pin-sharp details and few repetitions, making sure your floor looks as unique as nature intended.

LayRed is scratch and stain resistant thanks to the double TwinGuard PU protective layer which protects the floor from scratches and dirt penetration, ensuring the design remains in perfect condition.


The acoustic layer of LayRed provides you that soft and warm feel underfoot. It is resilient and anticipates the body weight, making it softer than rigid alternatives.

LayRed is also pleasingly silent. The acoustic layer softens reflective walking sound: no cracking sounds or annoying click-clack noises when walking over LayRed®.


LayRed is engineered vinyl, making it the perfect flooring solution for renovation projects. It has the ability to bridge gaps and slight unevenness. What’s more, the integrated underlay covers any imperfection. No levelling preparation is needed. LayRed is easy to install, without adhesive.